Ari Joshua’s Space Owl have released their latest single, ‘Flask’. Mild ambiences and immersive instrumentation are two planes that are seamlessly looped in together. This release marks the sixth single release brought by this eclectic group of sonic explorers. Ari Joshua’s reputed creative spirit is complemented by the intuitive quotients of musicians, Bob Lovelace, John Ewing, and David Applebaum. The track is an enriching guitar instrumental (for the most part), influenced by retro genres ranging from jazz, blues, reggae, to folk, funk, and rock n roll.

iTunes Artwork for 'Flask (feat. Bob Lovelace, John Ewing & David Appelbaum) - Single (by Space Owl & Ari Joshua)'

The track is replenished consistently across the six and a half minutes of musical play. Filtered through each frame to present a potent, yet mellow in its cerebral effect. Twinkling streams of piano keys are lapped up by waves of luminous guitar melodies. And this the focal point shifts to the emphatic percussive frolick of reggae. This measured spread is gradually rolled into shimmering jazz rock fabrics before it shines with the light of Americana sunshine. And finally, at the bridge, the rhythm dilates into an undulating ribbon of song. Meandering time signatures are enhanced with a chromatic imprint, as the instrumental tail dips in and out of all the preceding frames for a final summary. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Flask’ by Space Owl here –