Star Persona is a rock band with compositions that become beloved to the soul. There’s a vastness to them, manifesting in ways that they explore emotion, rock, and rhythm. This pervasive style of songwriting and performance has the same effect on the listener. ‘In Your Armor’ is Star Persona’s 2018 single. A masterpiece in its own right, the track has a surreal rawness that each melody line, harmony, and riff emanate an inescapable hypnotism. 

iTunes Artwork for 'In Your Armor - Single (feat. Lisa Thompson) - Single (by Star Persona)'

Led by Lisa Thompson’s immersive voice, the acoustic rock soundscape gains its emotional quotients. The slow guitar accents induce a trance and the dilated beat rhythms reinforce it at every turn. Listening to the song is like being drenched in a melancholic dream lullaby. The backdrop quietened to the point of dark echoes, each swipe, curve, sound, and melody rises to prominence, pronounced by the vacuousness. And in this way, the soundscape both liberates and binds us. Listen Now! 

Star Persona debuted with this single and followed it up with a rich collection of singles. So far, they have released seven singles, each one a spell cast wonder.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ‘In Your Armor’ by Star Persona and Lisa Thompson here – 

Writer- Vindhya