Stonedog is a hard rock trio known for their hardcore and raw expositions. There’s a sense of extremity to their interpretations, it marks the depth of their passion and will to play. The band has just released their latest album, New Tricks and true to the title, it presents an interesting array of tracks. Taken from this collection, is The Truth that perfectly exemplifies the aggressive game and artistic candor of Stonedog. In this one song alone, there’s a striking diversity of sub genres like grunge, punk, rock n roll, all reconciled with defiance and absurdity. Listen Now! 

The track opens with an expanding unit of marching riffs that is revolutionized by the gunning bass lines and hard beats. Tied in with a matching vocal rhythm, the track shows off its grunge flavors. Shimmering rugs of shreds fly through, sprouting its fireworks all across the canvas. It is like watching a shooting star tear the sound. This insane fizz of energy is developed into the sentiment of the verse, the stone rock washed with an irrepressible punk style. The track is a dip into extremity, a purge of sorts that energizes the mind. 

The band is composed of Trevor Childs on Vox, Bass, Keys, DUNN on Guitar, Vox, and Gary Padilla on Drums. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to The Truth from New Tricks album by Stonedog here –