Not The End by Strangely alright shows off the band’s latest sonic time-traveling adventure. Blending psychedelia, rock, and punk, the brand is at the forefront of musical experimentation and creating genre-bending tracks. Not afraid to color outside the lines, the song is delightfully absurd with its melodies swinging from the chandelier!

Eccentric and strange to a fault, the track canvasses the underworld for its inspiration. With retro-rock riffs loading the song, the vocals course with an outlandish aesthetic. Queer with mystery and a haunting quirk, the style and composition are reminiscent of early Floyd’s whimsy and scandal of Queen.

The onyx soundscape glistens with its mercurial melodic swerves and stygian pandemonium. On the brink of chaos and comfort, the track has insulating layers of darkness and grunge that envelopes us like a blanket. Fuzzy bass, warm basslines, and dark passion ooze with a velvety softness.

Weightless pop- elements rise from the soundscape to serenade the groveling rock hustle. We see a variety of rock styles, from rock and roll, grunge, and stone rock, to dance rock and punk rock, fused together. Every time we hear the song, we discover a new style or a unique pattern employed to accentuate the song. The guitar solo, in the bridge, rages with a molten story, flourishing into an orange sky of sunsets and fiery comets. Listeners of retro-revivalists and musical experimentalists, Redd Kross and Jellyfish will find this track to be pleasing matrimony between past flavors and current styles.

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