Strangely Alright make more than an entrance with their eclectic music sense. They control a portal to a time when music existed for music’s sake. Their latest track is definitely a testament to that, among other things. This is their latest single, The Grave.

They definitely know how to make a solid composition. There is a delay and bleeding in sound like the Depeche Mode new wave of music that plagued the 90s radios. The chorus is the polar opposite as a follow-up, an alt-rock fed and bled hook that you’d want to scream and sing. The mystique is retained by the synths melting in the background, the vocals are like Matt Bellamy’s falsetto’s. In control but demanding for the kind of tone the song has, it has the perfect balance of a unique aloofness along with the melodic super-powered jet engine. This dynamic helps in creating quite the effect.

You might have heard of Strangely Alright from their pulsating, throbbing single called Psych Film. Inside a Place was favourites in many playlists as well, one of their most complete songs by arrangement. Here they search for a delicious new tone, and set the griddle for something that is exciting, yet a structural marvel. It stands out of time, and will stand the test of it as well. Listen to the track here: