Stuart Lawrence is a singer-songwriter and indie rock artist. With his debut album, ‘One’ he proves himself to be attributed with stellar music sensibilities. Across the twelve tracks, we encounter honesty, authenticity, and sentimentality at every curve. You can’t help but marvel at the mellifluous quotients that are built into each track. ‘To The Limit’ is taken from this collection. It is a bluesy indie rock track with arresting guitar lines, enjoyable riff work and mellow vocals. Listen Now!

The track is sprayed with texture and melody, espousing a softness and tenderness that plays into the theme. Between the luminous guitar work and rustic riffs, Stuart’s heartfelt vocals blooms with devotion and surrender. Despite being simplistic, it carries the sublime grandeur and awe of truly being in love with someone. Lines like “Gotta take my heart to the limit, take my body and soul, make it never stop” encapsulates the essence of the track. And the way it is delivered, with such delicate and true intention, also plays into the magic.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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