Stuart Rolfe is an award-winning singer-songwriter who has remarkably structured his style to fit the hearty tones and themes of soul country. Hailing from Nashville, the artist has a penchant for simplicity and storytelling. And the way he tells them, sparkled with classic country treasures is what marks his unique appeal. It is unpretentious and honest, from his soul to ours. The only filter is the music, which is designed to further distill his artistic essence. In his latest single, ‘How Lovin’ You Goes’, the artist narrates all the ways of loving someone. Endearing and heartwarming, he sets the standard of love for everyone who listens.

The appeal is vested in how he unites nostalgia with the feeling of being in love. Unearthing stories from the old country past, the lyrics create frames of two young people falling in love in creeks, carnivals, cars, and cafés. In his romance and thoughtfulness, the protagonist highlights the joy and beauty of making a life with the love of your life. Listen Now!

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