Oklahoma-based rock and roll band, Stunna delivers a striking soundscape with this single, American Dream. Taken from their debut album, Solid Gold, the track is a vortex of energy. The magnificent riffs generate a whirlwind intensity that excites us into an exhilarating release. With no rules as their only rule, the band brings a new depth and emotion to the alternative rock genre.

Fronted by Justin Logan, the band goes on fascinating odysseys through worlds of indie rock and heavy blues. With an earthy sound, the band serves up astronomical pieces on human connections that are reminiscent of Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters, and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

The dark riffs and gloomy vocals splash the canvas with inky blues that instantly take root. Growing into a spectacular tree of rich emotions, the song hangs majestically like a willow tree. Warm and fuzzy basslines snake through the track, concentrated and tight while the riffs sweep with a commanding presence. Its solos craft delicious webs of melody that trap our attention. And, the mounting intensity of the vocals erupts with a rapturous volcanic ensemble. So, dream big, dream the American Dream.

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