Stutterboy is an alt-rock and indie band from New York with a tremendous sound appeal. With flavors ranging from grunge, dark rock, psychedelia, space rock, and post punk, the four-piece outfit delivers a robust rock sound. Despite the name, their sonic game is as eloquent as it gets, as they blend experimental prog rock with 80s punk style. In their latest track, False Dam, Stutterboy dispels a haunting commentary on modern life, banking heavily on roaring riffs and hefty bass lines. Listeners of Pixie, Foo Fighters, and The Libertines are sure to enjoy the sardonic spells of hypnotic darkness of the track. 

The track is presented as a confrontation. Worked into its despondent scapes is a defiant power that faces off with a society whose morals are readily depleting. Loaded with riffs and heavy beat breaks, the band uses dissonance to stir up trouble. The deep growling vocals tear through the soundscape, dragging the listener through the disillusioned and sordid scapes of reality. 

Stutterboy comprises Miles Grossenbacher on keys and vocals, Alex Byers on bass and vocals, Jimmy Petrich on drums, and founder/frontman Grover Doyle on guitar and vocals.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to False Dam by Stutterboy here –