Listen to Platedrive from Supertilt ‘s debut album Band Fantastic. The post-metal instrumental duo’s sound merges the density and grit of alternative metal riffs with electronic textures and industrial drums. The album is comprised of compact, yet elaborate arrangements that impart a sense of immediacy with an evolving, layered atmosphere. For fans of Bossk, Cloudkicker, and Black Clouds.  

This rock instrumental is an intense groove. Laying into you, the riffs and melodies are electrifying. It glowers like a sonic machine, marching toward eternity. The fuzzy basslines are revved up with energy and smoking hot. Their hard grind manifests a vivacious world, lined with riffs sizzling with electricity. The heavy ponderous basslines weave magnificently into a powerful guitar sludge.

Loaded with grunge rock goodness, the riffs erect walls of power that enable wondrous sound refraction and reflection. The track progression is characterized by the monstrous power it amasses. It simmers with mercurial tension, trudging unstoppably with fresh flourishes of ethereal funk lines. The limitlessness and grounding force of the riffs are reminiscent of Nirvana’s compositional style, in terms of riff works and strength. The track is packed with tight lines of chaos and dissonance.

It is truly a captivating piece of art – a grinding machine, launching grunge to astounding dimensions. As it loops through brain fibers, it devours the mind like a famished beast and leaves ravishing perspectives in its wake.

Available on YouTube Music, and can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp!

Listen to Platedrive by Supertilt here :

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