Televised Mind can definitely broadcast their catchy hooks. Like Royal Blood in their prime, this band brings bluesy, hooky riffs with lyrics that incite thought. They’ve found great success with their singles Bittersweet Emotion and You Don’t Know Me. They also seem to be best friends for radio play. This is their latest single, Masks

Quick and energetic, this is the priceless bottle of prime jealous kids will be vying for. As an opening, without any lyrics coming in-this band is like early years QOTSA. Vocals come in like Joe Strummer from The Clash, spellbinding and true to the self. As the guitar joins in, you’re welcome to some more freely accessible horsepower on white fairy. It is a feral, raw approach, still ground at the edges with their accuracy and unique style. Televised Mind are the persona of what the thinking mind craves, and whether anything can be trusted in society any more. A hint, rhymes with no. The bridge keeps the pace and furious front on which they sprint. 3 tracks, straight fire. Televised Mind are keeping quality as their priority and giving bands a run for their money. 

You can listen to all their singles on their Spotify. The band is a resurgence of the famed punk energy that the misfits and weirdos thrived on. They will continue to thrive: