The prog rock band, The Bellwethers bring back their profound ambiguity and sonic prowess with this latest release, Of The Stars. Channeling the mystique and wonder of space and all its mysteries, the band is known for the edgy and psych-infused space rock style. Using loose and lengthy song structures centered on diverse instrumental structures, they deliver an outworldly sense and sound. The band’s sound and sonic aesthetic is a classic blend of Pink Floyd’s retro psychedelics and David Bowie’s futuristic and visionary antics.

The Bellwethers are known for their patronage of the absolutes and everything in between. They refract song themes using a whole spectrum of perspectives, both sonorously and intellectually. It comes through in the irreverent imagery and creative melody inflections that make up their tracks. Of The Star is a celebration of humanity as a unit in the grand scheme of the universe. With engaging riff and beat breaks connected by syncopated bass wires and effervescent guitar fuzz, they inspire and validate the listener’s potential and invaluable human experience. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!The Bellwethers – Of The Star

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