The Phoenix-based alt-rock band, The Bellwethers is about the emotion. Known for their eclectic blends, the band’s sound has a mesmerizing subtext. Informed by the eccentric minds of its members, their unusual soundscapes are conceptual wells that tell phenomenal stories. The Bellwethers describe their new single, Psychic Radio, as “A journey to the cosmos.” Manipulating time and space, they rewind time to send a message to the unknown, through the cosmic waves. 

The track is an elaborate dance with the devil. It looms in the mind, dragging along with clairvoyance. Ruminative basslines form the bedrock, sturdy and reassured in their psychic intention. Slow beats and gloomy riffs and countered by hyperactive cymbals fluttering lithely across the weighted stage. And surfing these despondent waves is the hypnotic alchemy of the vocals. The duality of the dark and light timbres expand the mystery and elevate the tension. 

The band worked with renowned producer and sound engineer, Andrew Coleman on the track. It is simply genius to see how his use of dilatory tactics amplifies not only the listening experience but the quality of its message/theme. The band is lead singers Fran Scianna and Kim Zinevich, blues guitarist, Bill Stimson, rhythm expert, Corey Plueard and Dan Scianna. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to the Psychic Radio by The Bellwethers here – 

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