The Bellwethers is a power-rock band formed in 2010. Their songs are nostalgic odes to the rock expression that ruled the world in the 70s. The five-piece band rocks it out with sizzling riffs and blazing melodies. And in their track Schizophrenic Zen, The Bellwethers dive into the dytopias of the mind, its soundscape blooming with potent psychedelia. This track opens the eleven-song album of the same name, released in 2018. With an absurdist aesthetic, the album is a vintage hit!

The hard rock dominant soundscape heaves with the voracious heat and torrid textures of the desert. Opening with folk implants, the track transforms into a thundering sky of smoking snares, tearing vocals, and brow-beating drums. Ever dynamic, the song flows through several frames of rock aesthetics. We see smooth blues rock, its untethered levity opens up the chorus with its bright tangents and overarching freshness.

The resonant basslines rule the track as they define the contours of the rhythm with its electric persona. It inspires the hardness in the vocals to bring a wonderful texture to the song. Despite the exuding power of the track, it does not saturate the psyche. The intensity launches us into a hypnotic space, an ever-swirling cavity that centers us.

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