The Crutches is a three-piece rock band that creates music that fuses some ecstatic rock elements with vocals that bewitch the soul. They recently made their debut with the EP, With The Crutches, which has four tracks and is one of the best rock EPs I’ve heard. You will be amazed by how they beautifully fuse their garage sound with country music, creating a unique and distinctive sound. This band will have you banging your head and beating air drums throughout their tracks. The Crutches is surely something to explore. Do give this band a go and trust me you will be hooked for life.

I was amazed when I discovered this amazing band through their debut EP With The Crutches. The EP sounds so professional that I had a hard time believing that this is their debut EP! This EP features some innovative sounds that will make you groove or even mosh for a matter of fact. I am thrilled to share this amazing piece of art with you!

This EP starts off with a track named Not Again which is a great track with some amazing guitar riffs that are bang on. The track starts off with guitar tabs and then the drums kick in with a huge impact. The drums are well-structured and perfectly compliments the vibe of the whole track. What fascinated me the most is the bouncy guitar riff which is something to die for. The vocals are delivered with the same energy and the track all in all sounds great. The lyrics are great and the way the vocal is delivered, the whole essence of the lyrics is kept intact. My feet automatically started moving with the beats mid-way through the track.

The second track in the EP is The Ballad which is one of the best tracks in the EP. This track is where the energy graph slowly goes down in the beginning and then rises back up towards the end of the track. There are several bits where the drums stop and the guitar is plucked creating a massive energy booster ripple that is then carried by the vocals. This track truly touched my heart and is surely something that would go up in my personal playlist.

The next track on the EP is The Prequal which is an amazing track with some great melodies. The vocals are crystal clear and impactful. The soulful songwriting surely takes this track a step ahead. This track is followed by the track named Watch Your Back which is the last track on the EP and surely the heaviest one. This track is packed with an ecstatic guitar melody that is immersive. The track gives off an amazing vibe that is so energetic that it will make you jump off your seat.

With the Crutches by The Crutches is surely something to be explored. This is a Highly recommended EP if you like Rock music that is heavy on musicality and emotions.

Catch a little glimpse of the EP here-