The Daytime High is an alternative Pop-Rock band with a keen talent for creating worlds with their music, and their single, Reaper is a prime epitome of it. The production of the song allows for seamless transitions, while their minimalistic lyrics make for ringing rhetoric.

Diving straight into a canvas of surreal gore, the track opens with ominous basslines and dilated bagpipe melodies. A wall of drums breaks the reverie and restarts time with the soft-guitar riffs casting a sinister gloom. Add to this the swanking vocals, roaming the desert of rugged and gnarly melodies. The vocals make for a perfect storyteller. It gleams with the pained mystery of seers carrying the weight of the wishes of the gods.

With a luciferous danger dragging the tempo, the track crawls to its direful destiny. It is a musical showcase of Shakespeare’s quote, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” Juxtaposing humanity with fanatical evil and brute barbarism, the artist strips the reaper of his purpose. Hey there Reaper, you can go home, take a look around, we got this on our own, you’re time is wasted here, you don’t bring the fear. 

He holds up a mirror to society to reflect its devastation and godlessness. Using cynical rhetoric and heartfelt guitar solos, the track creates an atmosphere of despair and dejection. The wow factor is how the artist is able to use his sound to create an impactful dystopian world in a few short minutes. Definitely a must-listen!

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