Something about The Dream Spiral will always remain with you. Way after the song is ended and you’re under the covers, you’ll enjoy this band you discovered. Second song in and so tastefully done, this one is called Redemption

There were certain riffs that Beck wrote that you would hum for weeks after the song played first on the radio. The Dream Spiral possess that power, as a so-called moral collective. One listen in, and you know that this is a song you want to dance to. A feverishly hot track, the beat is something that feeds energy. Your rave party got a whole lot of character with this playing, and you don’t have room. You might have heard their earlier release called Life on Mars, but with this one you are cemented in their fandom. Lovely and detailed, this song is an admission that rock is very much alive and well. Creating this kind of groove all from scratch is well and good, maintaining it till this fever pitch is pure talent.

You can check out their other single on their Spotify as well. You can expect a lot more from The Dream Spiral, it seems like they’re just getting started. Make sure you follow them for a ride down the helix!: