The Freight is a modern Rock N Roll band with iconic sound profiles that are obsessive and nostalgic. Hailing from Boston Ma, the band draws from a variety of musical influences like blues, soul, and contemporary rock. And it all comes together magnetically. In their new song, See Ya, The Freight leverages the rebellion of punk to set up a vibrant showcase. 

The energy levels on this track are magnificent. From start to fThe Freight – See Yainish, it is voracious and extravagant. The rhythm design has a relentlessness that beautifully draws out the band’s will to play. 

With an ecstatic Rock N Roll front, the song bursts with a blended rock vigor in the back. Bedrock punk dominates the percussion and grunge takes over the control of the basslines. 

The grind is evident, the tearing vocals burn bright, consuming energy like a dying star. And in the chorus, we see a splashy swing rhythm and harmonies that emphatically emanates the soul rock styles. Lines of blues stream through the vibrant streams of electric guitar shreds, amplifying the soul sensibilities. 

Building on the dream of legends like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, The Freight is here to tell you that rock can never die. 

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