International Alternative Rock band, The Hybris has released their new eclectic release, Keep The Wolves Away, featuring Ulli Kilberth. Leading a revolution against the Hybris culture of this age i.e. a society that is characterized by exaggerated self-pride, arrogance, and excessive ambition, the band crafts elaborate rock odysseys.

Tight and tense guitar strings open the song against a raging drum backdrop. Glistening with mystery and danger, the soundscape is designed with overflowing energy. Its outpouring intensity is powerful and eternal. And the vocal uproar is like an acid wash, disillusioning and maniacal in its devotion to reality. Like a cage match, the melodies and vocals are pitched against each other to lead us to glorious salvation. Its revolutionary energy is immutable and is realized in the chorus as the vocals froth with brimming zeal.

The track has periods of calm and rejuvenation. These parts are characterized by low-energy baritone vocals they carve out the song’s theme with lyrics as menacing as the sheen of a wolf’s eye. It is the calm before the storm. Slithering basslines and grunge riffs enhance the ominous appeal of the vocals before edging the eruption of the devouring chorus. The track carries a variety of rock flavors like hard rock, grunge rock, stone rock, acid rock, and even hints of metal giving rise to a magnanimous form of liberating chaos.

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