The dreamy mystique of moonlight weaves through this emo-electronic, alt-rock track, Credibility by The Killing Tapes. Formed in 2020, the electronic rock duo comprises Marcus Crede and Peter Svensson. Drawing from their own worlds of music, their sounds meet where melancholy is born. This track is taken from their latest EP release, Falling Down (Yellow). Within the short array of five tracks, the duo explores the ghosts of the living mind.

The first thing that comes through, is the multiple musical frames that float through the track. The variant sound profiles all coalesce to create a unique journey into the ethereal mind. With a charismatic subtlety, the composition is filled with thin lines of synths that rise with the emotions in the vocals. Through the utopian arches of symphonies, we see haunted accents of melodies that dissolve into whispers of mystery. The track is a story that unfurls constantly like destiny. And each time you listen, you will be enriched with a new story.

Known for their work with Kreatur and others (Marcus Crede) and Mary Celeste, Hello Heartland (Peter Svensson), the duo put a contemporary spin to retro musical aesthetics. They use original 80s and 90s synths like KORG M1, M3, Wavestation, MS20, and Yamaha PSR, among others. And in 2021, they brought on the sophisticated mixing skills of Niels Nielsen.

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