There are “knocks on the door” entries. Then there are kick ins followed by an explosion of the door. That’s what The Levy Circus do. Changes is their debut single, and they make an entrance of quality sound, lyrics and feel with their new single.

What this band sounds like is a bunch of friends having a good time. There is a core sound with the verse and melody. However, read into the song, and you’ll hear these flourishes and elements that make it so much more interesting. There is an honesty to the track with the vulnerable lyrics. The guitars have never sounded better for an indie song like this, and it steals the spotlight sometimes. The chorus section gives literal goosebumps to any fan of music- it’s a famous progression that has a hair-raising closing.

The Levy Circus show us a lot, and too little with their only release. It keeps you wanting more, the track is just that good. It has a feel good vibe and capitalizes on the melody that is so catchy and honest. There are pockets of the track where you see them create improv magic. Then the parts where you realize they really love music. This is a journey of epic proportions. This is a band that has figured out a characteristic sound early on. Listen to more of their exciting ride here: