The Listros is a Canadian hard rock band. Marked by visceral power, heavy riff machinations, and a fantastic will to play, their compositions are a force to be reckoned with. There’s no cap, no filter, no distillation of any kind. ‘Hands Against The Wall’ is the band’s latest single. They drive blatantly into themes like sensuality, sparking it with emotional toxicity and darkness. It charges the atmosphere, the angst pulsing through the riffs. Hard core distortions further warp the feeling, blurring the lines between madness and sanity. It is desperate, urgent, and uninhibited.

iTunes Artwork for 'Hands Against the Wall - Single (by The Listros)'

The duo introduced their heavy rock style late last year (2023) with debut single, ‘Into the Otherside’. Their careless abandon of moral faculties in favor of hedonistic adventures is addictive. And with soundscapes that are so raw and charismatically caustic, you can’t help but keep returning to get a taste. This sophomore single is no different. The face melting riffs, gunning beats, and groovy bass lines highlight the fun complexity of the game of love, lust, and lies. Listen Now! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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