The Listros are putting up one big show, with every song of theirs. Usually, rock bands will make a big hue and cry about the kind of music, the buildup and appearances. This band has no time for all that, they just play heavy rock music. This is their latest single, Into the Otherside. 

The screaming vocals and distorted guitar make an explosive entrance. Usually, there would be an obvious choice to kick in the percussion here itself. The Listros don’t want to do that. Anticipation is key. Surprise is the element they are looking for. This smashing heart attack comes in only after 15 seconds, and it is bleeding edge swinging hard rock. It is exciting, refreshing and some of the best indie music you’ll hear with the effort being put in. A dark aura floats around the riff, and has a Sabbath like feel to it. However, tempos reach post punk numbers, and the 1940s Coca-Cola rush comes in with this rhythm section. The muted, buzzing riff that works into the verse will become your latest addiction, and you’ll know how energising a song is after you’ve heard it for the 10th time. You can hear this for more. 

The Listros are really creating what rock has been missing, and adrenaline pushing vulgarity that still doesn’t need an explicit sticker. For a debut, they have absolutely crushed any possibility of doubt. Listen to the award worthy single here: