The Local 12 is a four-piece rock band. The group devotes themselves to exploring fresh ideas with mellow/ lofi alt rock sounds. Their soundscapes are filled with subtle elements that are influenced by funk, reggae, blues, acoustic rock, and folk rock alike; making the listening experience pleasantly dimensional. The band debuted with a ten-track album titled ‘Abandon’. Each one is a delightful presentation of myth, folklore, space adventure, philosophy, and romance. Tied in with an elongating spectrum of small melodies, scintillating textures, and a detailed ambience, the collection becomes an instant favorite.

‘In The Lighthouse’ is taken from this album. Its plaintive and prophetic introduction is phased into sunny and beachy frames that are reminiscent of The Beatles and The Beach Boys. The vocal style burnishes this warm spell with a contemplative air. In this track, the band dive into the loneliness of a man that works in the lighthouse. This story unravels not only lyrically but also in the dazing riffs, deep sentiments, and dulcet psychedelia, and the intentional monotonal voice. If you enjoy a melancholy-rich, reflective, and projecting soundscapes, then this band is for you.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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