The Loud Bangs do know how to make a statement. Mixing shoegaze and 90s alternative rock, they are bringing back style with suave. Being proactive all through the year, they release Future Plaza, their latest EP. With melancholic music with a myriad of colours coming together, this might be their best EP yet.

Why they create something so mesmerizing is how they organize their sound. There might be a repetitive drone that you latch to for the whole track, then everything protrudes in 3D. Look at, I Was a Bad Penny. There is not an instance of lyrical intervention in the track, however the aura of the track creates a beautiful sound that grips you till the end. Prescription Headphones brings a product that is not for sale-in a sound capsule. The layers are what are to be respected, they create these intriguing sound shifts, changing gears and creating several hikes through mountains of sound and audio delivery. Truly a joy to listen to any of their immersive songs.

Future Plaza looks at the ability of this band to create something extraordinary with little-and The Loud Bangs excel in doing it. There is a power in them wielding instruments and pulling you in for the drug trip of your life. Come, listen to their addictive sound here: