The Loud Bangs is a Los Angeles – based alt rock outfit with an affinity for shoegaze, 90s’ alternative and German club music. Their unique brand of music comprises expansive soundscapes with eternal melodies and infinite emotional repercussions. Founded in 2021, the band has quickly earned the title ‘Pink Floyd’s of Shoegaze’ owing to their musical psychedelics. They magically distort reality to make familiar worlds unfamiliar. The band has just released their latest five track EP, Stray Honey. In the second track, Sex Complex, The Loud Bangs float rivulets of melodies with profound synth decos to conceptualize the beguiling layers of the theme. 

The track glistens with an enigmatic melancholy. Designed like a labyrinth, the melodies revolve around each other in a cosmic dance. The hypnotic sound of the guitar is expanded by the simmering surreality of the hyperbolic synths. And with the subtle touch of the wispy vocals, the soundscape is transformed to astonishing worlds of new consciousness. 

The Loud Bangs are anchored by the seamless production skills of Darren Callahan in addition to the talent of guitarists, Street and Daisy Gutierrez, bassist Hannah Remley, and drummer, Marcus Nemuro. Listeners of My Bloody Valentine, Tame Impala, Death and Vanilla are sure to enjoy The Loud Bangs. 

The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Sex Complex from the Stray Honey EP by The Loud Bangs here –