The Lowtones have a distinguished sound. Their sense of rock blooms out of unfiltered passion and inglorious blues. And it manifests magnificently in the form of enriching sonic force that blurs out the world. Hailing from the UK, this four-piece post-punk band made their mark with the release of their debut single, Breaking Out, in 2021. With their new double single, Radio, The Lowtones experiment with dark psychedelics and melodic punk styles.

The track is strikingly emotive. Driven mostly by enchanting vocal furls and haunting lyricism, the emotional elements form like a thundercloud. Their dark swirls and burning simmer are mesmerizingly tuned into punk beat frequencies. The bespoken indie-punk characteristic emerges out of the tremulous bouquet of guitar melodies and terse riffs, casting a hypnotic spell on the listeners.

Formed in 2020, the band is composed of Oliver ‘Mav’ Mavilio on vocals, Jack Abbott and Tim Cary on guitar, and George Abbott on drums. The Lowtones impress OG punk arrangements with modern rock flavors, leveraging their diversity to create a unique sound. After the release of their EP, Front Row Empty, the band gained momentum performing in New York and was even celebrated by BBC Introducing.

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