The Northern Light is a project to always expect the best from. From the lyrics to unique progressions, there is an eager insanity here, creating dreamy, fun tracks that will be part of any favourite playlist. The latest single from them is called Waiting For the Flood.

A moment is worth ruminating, especially if it is a creative mind thinking of a static moment. That is what Waiting For the Flood is like. The song starts with a raucous crash, in many ways showing the impending crashing of the waves. The verse section combines the fluidic versatility of the lyrics with the magnanimous pockets of churning, building momentum with notes. There is an excitement, a hair-raising titillation that comes with the anticipation of the attack from the chorus. The Northern Light are no strangers to developing and honing these moments, this is where the money is. Bringing together the crowd with the central, nuclear chorus section is the dreamcatcher in this song.

This beautiful track is a different tonal layer from their other single called Tribes. Having a density that builds off of the entropy of the previous moment, they craft gentle yet manicured tracks, creating a sense of suspense, yet never capitalizing on the hook or easiness of any part of the song, let it be the verse or bridge. They let a strong instrumental section ring out and create a window of observation and pleasure, just with the sounds and moments they bank on. Listen to their single here: