The Pink Dust is an American alt-rock band composed of Roy Mitchell-Cardenas and Cliff Littlefield. The duo is known to juxtapose the known with the unknown using mesmerizing sonic flavors and blends. In their latest release, ‘1AM’, the Pink Dust conceptualize the temporal constructs of the theme, developing an introspective and speculative indie rock ambience. There’s a lot of experimental ambits that they bring into the song. And use it as a medium to image and represent the demons of the mind and heart. The listener can instantly pick up on influences of bands like The Pink Floyd, Oasis, and Mothers of Invention.

iTunes Artwork for '1AM - Single (by The Pink Dust)'

The coexistence of the melody and the distortion is presented very well. It is very insightfully written, leading us through spheres of vibrant psychedelia, luminous coherence, cool melancholy, and ruptured realities. The duo’s conception of the experimental rock genre is very simple and straightforward. With acoustic riffs and bare vocals, they cut through frames of electro hyperactivity. A psychedelic lullaby of sorts. And somewhere along the way, we are lifted into a dazing plane of sedated consciousness. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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