The Preacher’s Club is an indie rock duo with a penchant for divergence and experimentation. Composed of multi-instrumentalists Anthony Fernandes and Rawad Moughawech, the New Jersey-based band is not your average sonic creators. Each of their tracks are colored with fresh and eclectic music perspectives and masterful conceptualizations. The duo have just dropped their sophomore EP titled, Know Your Values. In many ways, the design of the tracks are oriented to reveal their devotion to uniqueness and originality. Every track is immersed in its own emotion, consumed by a fresh sonic sphere. Listen Now!

Taken from this EP is the track, Force. As a lead track, it instantly draws you in with its vintage beat cycles, contemporary shoegaze riffs, and postmodern vocals. It’s orchestrated with simultaneity of stridency and formlessness. These parallel formations are crafted to interact and elevate the other in vibrancy, energy, emotion, and affectation.

The Preacher’s Club debuted in 2022 with their single, ‘The Zoo’ and has since released two EPs – Memorabilia and Know Your Values.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Force from the ‘Know Your Values’ EP by The Preacher’s Club here –