If you’re a true rock fan, you’ve missed Cali-rock. The project brings some of the best sounds of that era, place and time, to create something memorable. This band is a culmination of that style that seems to be slowly dissipating. Crafted walls of instrumentals, catchy lyrics and imagery come together in their new single as well. This is best days.

We all reminsce about times, that have passed. Nostalgia keeps people going, it is a memory you can carry with you. There is a special affinity to periods which were happier than the rest, and that is what best days is about. Swinging hard tempos, flourishing melodies and rock lyrics like your favourite bands aligns in sunny harmony. James Davis brought this band from the same spirit of his old band, Shameless. This song is his maturing as a songwriter, from a guitar lead to someone who is structuring everything in the song. From metal to alt-rock, he has experienced silverware from many sources. This one is the kind of rock song like Bon Jovi, where The project will be the soundtrack of many people’s happiest memories. Vocals are extremely addictive, where you’ll find yourself singing along to the song in no time. 

An extremely strong debut, a lot of promise. I am excited to hear more from this band, and there is a lot to enjoy in the first single itself. Listen to the song and follow them for more to come!: