The project has always been about bringing refreshing, echoing rock to the masses. It always helps that James Davis is heading this venture, for experience counts. It is with years of heralding his own band through concerts and countless gigs, that he touches the hearts of Cali-rock lovers. This one will be heard around the world. This is called What’s It Going to Take, featuring Mykele Hill.

There is something about The project that makes your heart pound with excitement. It is that joy of expecting to hear the Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Def Leppard brand of rock, with all the pizazz. Lyrics that excite and transcribe the matters of the heart, with riffs that are sung by seas of people. That is what the project brings with their music, and this collaboration proves it all. It is the buffing of the retro essence that makes this band worth it all. Understanding the flow is another exciting element that comes quite naturally with the composition. What’s It Going to Take is the kind of chorus you’re going to repeatedly sing, from the verse that tells you a story of just getting through living. 

Over you and Best Days are the two other singles by the project that have been released. This is the kind of rock that people wait with bated breath for, so let the good times roll in. Till then, listen to the songs here!