The Pulltops are an indie rock and alt pop duo from Milwaukee with a distinct sonic style. Anchored to the unexplored and unexpected, their work carries the promise to fascinate and allure. The duo have just put out their latest EP, Between The Lines. This six track collection fathoms concepts to articulate the unsayable, grasp at emotions that slither away in the thick of experiences. Better Life is one such track with modulations and progressions that showcase the essence and idiosyncrasies of The Pulltops. It is an intuitive combination of rock, pop, with beautiful accents of electronica. Listen Now!

It opens with a cryptic screen of electronica with textures of groovy bass pulses. An ethereal ribbon of melody strings it to the hypnotic frame of the raspy baritones. And just as its drawling rhythm picks up, the soundscape is dressed in colorful synths and thundering bass atmosphere, launching into chorus. The track unravels after with a layered play of  harmonies, molten guitar melodies, soaring beats, and of course powerful basses. 

The Pulltops is composed of Drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell. It is wonderful how their unique styles and flavor pallets come together so cohesively. Blending Mark’s soul alignments with Tom’s hard core underground and experimental affinities, their performances are nothing less than brilliant. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Better Life from Between The Lines EP by The Pulltops here –