The Pulltops can surf through live music genres like an old-timey remote. Their honest music brings some really great themes and visuals forward. Known for their full, resonating rhythms, they bring another single out which will etch itself as a part of your being. This one is called Make Me Smile. 

Sometimes, lyrics transcend the threads of romantic relationships in a love song. The Pulltops know how to write music like this, where elements come together honouring people. It is a unique ability of making language that is translucent enough to be perceived in many ways. The Milwaukee based duo make a rousing song hereafter, creating an anthemic affair with melody. How the song builds and recedes is the hallmark of a track like this, creating all the dramatic notions of a storybook. It is one of their ballad styled songs, and has quite the spine. This band is known for its ability to make relatable indie rock that brings everyone together, and this wave of positivity with Make Me Smile is the icing on the cake. 

You can follow The Pulltops for more music like this that is sure to come. The band is on an electric high, making music that will be definite playlist shares. Follow them for more like this, and listen to their single here: