The Pulltops are an indie rock duo from Milwaukee. Their work exceeds all expectations, ranging from high energy power pop to classic album rock styles. In their latest single, Wide Awake, The Pulltops source punk beats, infusing them into their rock atmospheres to cultivate power and gusto. It perfectly captures the stylistic nuances of the band; blending edgy and dark artistic inclinations of guitarist, Tom Crowell with the soulful affinities of drummer, Mark Pierret. Listeners of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Queen are sure to enjoy the grand sonic courses of this duo.

The track is set up with meaty bass lines, torrential riffs, and intuitive beats. Its sonic style and presentation is carefully curated to unveil the theme as part of a complex psychedelic machinations. Superimposed with hyperactive elements, the soulful vocation of the track is wrenched out by the vocals, passionately, desperately, and maniacally. It is edgy, ambitious, and wildly unpredictable; just the way I like my progressive rock. Listen Now!

The duo debuted in 2002 with their album, ‘8-Track’ and have since released three more albums across a decade. They started off this year with their single titled, ‘Changes’ following it up with three more singles, excluding this one.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Wide Awake by The Pulltops here –