Indie-rock duo, The Pulltops have come out with a heartfelt single called ‘With You’. The track is melodic rock at its best as it unravels acoustic lines alongside vibrant riffs and tall beats. This juxtaposition forms a soulful continuum, a sentimental infinity that beautifully captures the concept of undying love. With this emotion at its core, the soundscape is dilated with dazing distortions, colorful synths, nimble acoustics, and omnipresent bass lines.

With this release, the duo officially declare themselves as a fluid rock band. It’s a perfect blend of both their styles. Mark’s leanings to soft and passionate evocation is complemented by Tom’s love for intense sound design. Even with this track, the loftiness of the thematic concept is showcased by the intuitive fusions of vocal sentiment and effervescing instrumentation. Using mellow distortions, luminous riffs, pilling acoustics and fresh synths, the artists manifest the creaminess on their own terms. Listen Now!

The Pulltops are Milwaukee-based connoisseurs of rock and their soundscapes are a perfect blend of conventional and contemporary. They debuted in 2007 and gave through songs and albums revived the spirit of rock as they experience it.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘With You’ by The Pulltops here –