The Ruff Men bring it when they decide to release a song. With only two releases and definitely more under their belt, they bring another track that shocks, screams and delights. Their sound is an eclectic mix of many of their inspirations, from Bowie to Iron Maiden. With an umbrella that wide, you can expect something electrifying. This is their track Lately.

Building the tempo and easing in like a Boston track, it is exciting to hear. The baritone vocals stand out like the impressive protruded, embossed layer on the song they are. Polished and crystal clear, it builds to create an impressive, organically building chorus section. The guitars have a chiming tone, and complements the effect of the vocals and styles. There are moments where they even shift to a Steppenwolf execution, due to the vocals. The guitar solo is a perfectly executed masterpiece, feeding off the core rhythm. The harmonizing of the vocals and guitars are enough to give you chills down the back and create a reservoir of mastery in front of your eyes. This is a brilliant track, creating the most of the progression and technique.

The Ruff Men are from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2019, these boys have a soft spot for all things rock, and they devote themselves to it. The band is ready to release 4 tracks during the holidays, and for one, fans can’t wait. With just The Romantic Movie Song and this single released, they’ve made sure they have run behind quality. It is an impressive, creative run with some great technique work at play as well. Listen to their single here: