The Silver Doors is a psychedelic rock band based in Asheville, NC. Eclectic is how they like to compose music. Uncovering a plethora of musical and thematic dimensions, their tracks are made to devour, consume, and relish. All the sensual attributes of sonic craft find its way to their soundscape. Texture, chroma, tonality, dimension, emotion, patterns, and everything in between. Name it and it’s all bubbling to the surface with a naturalistic charm. If you like intense, irrevocable, and cerebral rock, then this band is definitely for you. The Silver Doors have released ‘Redeemer’, a track wrung with coarse garage rock riffs, grunge distortions, and bluesy guitar licks. With these vivid facets, the band skillfully molds the contours of the theme.

iTunes Artwork for 'Redeemer - Single (by The Silver Doors)'

The vocals are slow, straightforward lines. Their one dimensional planes contrast the dynamic instrumental discourse. It is sedative at first, so comforting in its simplicity but progressively, they are inflicted by the driving dimensions and forces of the rest of the soundscape. That’s when the surrealism hits, your mind begins to feel a delicious sedative pull, a tingling sensation that warps your stable sense of reality. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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