With only two tracks now in their dossier, it is very evident The Starkillers are up to big things. Their music, like The Strokes or The Killers lives within the fantasy of reality. Their latest track is another figment that is broken off the dreamer’s mind. This is called Close To The End.

With a Pixies like guitar tone, they bring in a joyful chord progression. Arpeggiating the elements, they create what is a beautiful net of sound, capturing within it what is the message, tone and reverberating pulse of this track. The sound is unique to their journey, something that brings that longing, dreamy sound that exists between spaces and memories. There is a creative flow that is difficult to understand, but easy to feel. The sound is remarkably held in the verse, with the bassline for a major part. The chorus is once again their most impressive in terms of lyricism and the vibe it brings out. This can rock out a stadium no problem, with the kind of magic made with this minimal mania. The spaced out tunes allow for the song to be experienced and expressed in totality.

Their only other track is called Are You Thinking Of Me. With only that song released, this band has been able to garner 33k+ streams. It is impressive, and understandable. The latter because of how well the song is composed. Looks like The Starkillers are really making it with quality. Their album is something a lot of new fans might be waiting for. There is a unique place and plane of time they like to operate in. Listen to their brilliant single here: