Utah-based indie-rock band, The Starkillers paint a starry sky full of dreamy constellations with their new single, Here With You. The four-piece band has a high proficiency in soul rock that is wholesome and hearty. With soothing textures and smooth highs, the track is a ravishing piece of art. 

The band debuted with Are You Thinking Of Me? in early September of this year and quickly claimed hearts with their coursing emotional rock anthems. Harnessing the power of the heart, their blissful soundscapes have a universal appeal. In November 2022, we saw the release of their sophomore single, Close To The End. 

As the year wraps up, a lonely melancholy descends on the world. This track makes for a beautiful consolation. With its nostalgic tone and passionate euphonic flare, we are swathed in a glorious warmth that sustains us. Glassy acoustics sail seamlessly into a warm gush of molten rock guitar melodies. 

In this setting, the baritone vocals draw out an aching tenderness, making us swell with gratitude and burst with love. And when the glistening harmonies flow and choral vocals rise, we attain a soaring levity. 

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