Hard-hitting London-based alt rock band, The Survival Code has just released their third album, ‘Whispers of Woe’. And their sound is just as ardent and desperate as survival. Marked by the darker spheres of punk rock, grunge, hard rock, and prog rock, the collection is a hard core grind that is reminiscent of The Doors, The Who, Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains. Fusing the 90s angst with visionary 70s technique, and an all enveloping will to play, each track strikes like a thousand bolts. Taken from this collection is ‘Built to Break’. With gigantic riff gashes, hard grooves, and diving beats flying under a blanket of heavy distortions, it rejuvenates you while tearing you down.

Album Review: The Survival Code - Whispers Of Woe (Good Deed Music Ltd) - GAMES, BRRRAAAINS & A HEAD-BANGING LIFE

The track forms quickly, with progressions lined up one after the other. They spill into each other, nudging the other with energy until they all hit at the same time with the same speed. Every element is strung with tense intensity. Exalting drum fills with transitional brilliance liberates us from the heavy winds blowing through each verse. Listen Now!

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