Alt-rock and indie-pop band and dance powerhouse, The Thing With Feathers have just released their new tumultuous single, These Drugs. With David Welsch on vocals, Alex Hendricks on the lead guitar, and Chris Roussel on the drums, the powerful current of their compositions cruises through the mind till it is felt in the heart. 

The track is a piece of illuminating nostalgia. With the pronounced use of bright and fresh vocals and riffs, the song drives both our energy and mood up, up, and up. The looping hooks weave through the hazy textures of the fuzzy riffs and baritone vocals. 

The simple weaves of pop-rock flow ignite a home-grown passion that is familiar and comforting to immerse in. With stellar curves of melodies, the song carries seamless transitions that take us to smooth, lilting highs. 

The unique sound of the band is an instant fan favorite. With electric releases like Figure It Out, Don’t Break My Heart, and Waste My Revenge, the band successfully beamed themselves up on the indie map. Listeners of Coldplay, 1975, and other dream-pop/rock artists like The Strokes will thoroughly enjoy the musical skies of The Thing With Feathers. 

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