Thurane is a singer-songwriter, worship pop, and Christian rock artist. His ability to transpose his devotion and love for God to music, speaks to his talent as a musician. Under this banner, the artist releases inspirational songs that illuminate the infinity of his faith. Using uplifting soundscapes and zealous deliveries, he spreads his message. :authentic worship: is the artist’s debut EP, released in 2020. Taken from this collection is It’s All Good (ATAGIY) by Thurane. The track has a classic Christian rock soundscape that is designed to reveal the goodness of God’s hand and plan. 

Built with luminous synths and bright riffs, the canvas is presented as a growing orb of light. Combining choral harmonies and rock beats, it has an elating sonic evolution. Combined with passionate vocals and hearty lyricism, it has a way of liberating the listener. And with sensational shreds driving the emotion to the highest point, the track delivers a humbling grace. The artist’s musical exposure extends to other outfits as well. He is a co-founding member of Phoenix-based Christian rock band New Jerusalem and adult contemporary Christian duo Kenyon Grey. He also played a vital role in signing New Jerusalem to Gray Dot Records/ Bulletproof Music-Bulletboy. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to It’s All Good (ATAGIY) from the :authentic worship: album by Thurane here –