Tillerman is a classic-rock and melodic pop band that can be characterized as a creative force. Their affecting sound is often employed to combine the foundations of these genres to discover the overlapping soundspace. Formerly known as Satellite, the band consists of Jon and Tom on guitar, drums and vocals, Shaun Mallia on lead guitar, and Iain Moyser on rhythmic basslines. In this new single, Hear Angels Cry, Tillerman carves out a very memorable cerebral rock track.

With evocative lyrics, ruminative vocal lines, and anthemic passion, the song is magnanimously dilated to form dreamy expanses. The layered percussion captures pieces of electric guitar melodies to form a visceral bed of euphonies.

The melancholy in the title slip into the song in the specks of blues rock escaping from the river of melodies. And when you look closely at the rhythm design, you’ll realize that it is delightfully dynamic. All the components of the soundscape contribute to its build and swell. Be it the classic beats, oscillating vocals, or the torrential guitar flow. They all take the songs to scintillating spaces, each one grieving the celestial tragedy.

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