Maybe Tom Minor can be expressed best through his beautiful music. A talented songwriter, this London based musician has a layered magic in his songs that make it undeniably catchy. Here, he asks an existential question of progress in blues, and the result couldn’t have been better. This one is called Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

The root of the song is in that shuffle that is widely improvised. With the kind of layers that Tom Minor rifles through, you’re in for a treat with a whole new dynamic. Though the morose melancholy of life and love is what the “blues” are rooted in, Tom is trying another layer out. It is fruitful, fresh and in for some great instrumental parts. As if the lyrics were in conversation, you can hear Tom singing a to and fro. The song is staged in a metaphor that creates some impressive visuals, a laced psychedelia to it exists overall. Then there are the backstories provided by the instrumentals that will keep you entertained, almost a movie like finish to the entire song. 

You can listen to more from Tom with Saturday Eats Its Young and Its Easy to Play Hearts. Lyricism is unlike anyone you have heard, and it will remind you of the Costello years. Listen to his song here and follow him for more!