England-based singer-songwriter and artist, ToyQueens’ (also known as Ric T James) fourth release of 2022, Obvious (Stay A While) is a mesmerizing brand of alternative rock fusion with elements of indie-emo and pop. Since his debut in 2020, the artist has been consistently releasing stimulating and refreshing singles.

The emo-pop-rock track flows with an unusual trajectory, lighting up the road less traveled. The smooth vocals are textured with a delicious strain and grunt. The warm bass and booming beats construct majestic pedestals for the vocals to leap off. Reminiscent of sweltering summers and trickling sweat, the track is a slow burn, inching slowly up a hill of memories.

A desperate passion and an irrevocable obsession emerge from the vocals as they branch out across the soundscape. Dancing guitar acoustics soften the texture with its golden specs. Gruff and dark, the rugged canvass is packed with robotic harmonies and indie rock riffs. The emotion is measured and concentrated by the taut and tight rhythm. Showcasing a massive vocal range, the artist oscillates between soft and intense vocal textures to dimensionalize the track. We also see softer vocal harmonies rippling through the coarse and grainy elements.

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