Trashy Annie is a Texan rock band with a reputation for the dark arts, bending the genre to deliver class acts. They are edgy, gritty, and defiant with an irrepressible pride and passion. The band debuted in 2020 with their single, Runnin’, setting the course for their inversive style. They bewilder melancholy with a shock of aggression to spark a power in all of us. Trashy Annie has just released their latest album, Sticks & Stones. The twelve song collection explores the thematic narrative with a range of rock subgenres, from country and blues to punk and grunge. With the track, ‘Bama, Trashy Annie brings a fun and reckless energy to the album.

The immutable flavors of punk are fused with the intensity of grunge to create an old country rawness. The clawing riffs swing across the song, amplified by the flashing bass lines and broken by pseudo punk beats. And against this backdrop, the vocals parade with narcissist air, made charming by the vocalist’s devil may care delivery. Getting caught up in the whirlwind of the song is an addictive rush that you keep going back for. Listen Now!

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