Trevena is an artist who is known for his ecstatic guitar melodies spun with deep, immersive vocals that leave people bewitched. His music expresses such complex emotions through melodies that you will be touched to the core. His music will surely have you grooving to his rhythm. His vocal texture is what fascinates me the most. The simple yet intricate work makes my heart melt every single time. He has released 2 singles, an EP, and an album which are all a great portrayal of his vast musicality. His discography is surely something to be explored. Do give this artist a go and trust me you will fall in love with his innovative work.

I recently came across this amusing artist through his recent release which is named ‘Roll The Bones’ which is the first track of his album named Distant Lights. The artist has surely incorporated some deep musical emotions into the track with beauty. The track starts off with an amazing melody that will make you groove immediately. His vocals will surely make feel weightless yet hold you close with the groove of the electric guitars. The lyrics are written with some exquisite lyricism that runs deep in feelings. The drums are structured well to incur the maximum impact the is kept up perfectly by the vocals and the guitar! The heartfelt vocals blended with some ecstatic music are the best ways to describe this track. This is surely an amazing track, highly recommended for people who enjoy beautiful musicality and deep lyricism.

You can catch a little glimpse of Roll the bones by Trevena here-