Truckerbomb is a four-piece alt-rock band founded by songwriter, Troy Richardson. Hailing from Minneapolis, Richardson was transfixed by the southern rock styles and their rustic Americana influences, the artist founded the band to recreate his childhood impressions of 70s South Dakotan truck stops, and diners. The band conflates alt-country with alternative and hard rock to craft a pastoral and nostalgic sound unlike any other. In their single, Next Last Drink, Truckerbomb puts on a vibrant show laden with a desert sonic aesthetic.

The sound of Truckerbomb is nostalgic. With its bejeweled grunge outlines, affecting blues, and sensational production, the soundscape is very picturesque. Country accents are irrevocably imbibed into the guitar expression which is drawn out by the resonant blues in the vocals. Each line of melody and bass is definite and packed with the intention to compound the sonic extravagance of the song. Add to this, the immutable personality of the drums augmenting the whole soundscape, and we have ourselves a True American rock sound.

Based in Los Angeles, the Troy Richardson (vocalist/bassist) led band comprises New Yorker drummer, Dave Rodway, Californian Salty Rose on the lead guitar, and Peruvian Ursula Lari on the rhythm guitar. Each member of this ensemble brings so much of their own personality and experiences to the band, contributing to its visceral sound and engaging blends.

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