Underlined Passages is a duo consisting of a guitarist and vocalist, Michael Nestor and a percussionist, Jamaal Turner. The duo is known for it’s ecstatic melodies intricately intertwined with drums that run deep in emotions. The duo has been releasing tracks since 2015. The way this duo has evoleved in the past few years makes me feel so uplifted. My favourite part of the duo is their clever name. This duo is surely has an elite sense of musicality and lyricism.

I recently discovered this duo through their latest EP named His Head Feels Like a Trainwreck Tonight which features some of their best works yet! There was one track in particular that caught my special attention and the track is named Midlife Suicide. As the name suggests, the track is a deep one with deep emotions and thoughts. The track packs some ecstatic vocals that are deep and sound crystal clear. The drums compliment the whole vibe of the track and beautifully goes in hand with the guitars.

This is surely a track to be explored! Do give it a go.

Catch a little glimpse of the track Midlife Suicide by Underlined Passages here –